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  • Visualising Solid Shapes | Study

    Visualising Solid Shapes | Study

    Pre-Requisires Test & Enrich Visualising SolidShapes | Speed Notes Notes For Quick Recap The circle, thesquare, the rectangle, the quadrilateral and the triangle are examples of plane figures; the cube, the cuboid, the sphere, the cylinder, the cone and the pyramid areexamples of solid shapes. (Scroll down to continue …) Study Tools Audio, Visual &…

  • Real Numbers | Study

    Real Numbers | Study

    Pre-Requisires Test & Enrich Real Numbers | Speed Notes Notes For Quick Recap Introduction: Euclid’s Division Lemma/Euclid’s Division Algorithm :  Given positive integers a and b, there exist unique integers q and r satisfying a=bq+r, 0 r<b. This statement is nothing but a restatement of the long division process in which q is called the…

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